10/20/2012 16:16

Why did you want to be a writer?

I needed to find something that I could be good at and writing was it. I have always thought from the beginning that I had stories to tell. And things I want others to learn. I was never told to pursue writing. It was just something I had inside me waiting to come out.

When were you first published?

I was first published in 1996 in a major Chicago newspaper. My friends at that time told me that I was on my way to becoming a writer.

Who is Derrick Sweat?

He is a character I created back in the 90s. Derrick Sweat is a special agent, working for the Department of Justice, in other words he is FBI. He fights crime on all levels, he is a family man. I like all my lead characters to be married with children. I have had fun with the fictional character. However, ‘Derrick Sweat 4’ will be last in the series.

Why did you finally write a nonfiction book?

‘Parenting, Back to the Script,’ is my first nonfiction book. I wrote it during my long spell as a single dad. During that time I had met a lot of single parents, mainly young women. Some were good parents, and some were bad parents. It was the bad ones that prompt me to write the book. Most readers want to read something that will teach them something, whether fiction or non-fiction, I try to write to teach as well as to entertain.

What is the message in Parenting back to the Script?

The message is that some parents can become the worse nightmare to their own child Children.

Has you son influenced your writing?

Yes, all the time.

How do you choose your characters?

My characters are just me talking back and forth to myself and its fun. Sometimes I base them on people whom I have known throughout my life, than again they may be my total creation. I invent people in my books that I would like to meet, except for the bad guys. My motto is never let the bad guy win. I write a book the way I would want to see movie or play. Whether fiction or nonfiction my books always have an underlying message there.

What is your beef with ebooks?

I have no beef with ebooks, however, I will never give up on the physical book. Soon ebooks I have encountered were filled with mistakes not caused by the writer. Hopefully they will work on that. I love the feel of a physical book; I don’t think it will ever become old fashion.

Why did you discontinue ‘Raw Deception?’

I’m working on a re-write with a new title.

Who is your favorite writer?

There are a lot of great and wonderful writers; I enjoy a good book as long as I’m intrigued by the story or the message, no matter who has written it. I like Robert Ludlum, Jack London, Langston Hughes, H.G. Wells, Richard Wright, James Michener, Lee Child, Jeffery Deaver, Danielle Steel, and George Wilder Jr.

What kind of advice would you give to aspiring writers?

To live your dreams and don’t be afraid of controversy. Don’t let anyone discourage you from wanting to a professional writer or anything else. They are out there and waiting to say, “You can’t do it.” Some will try their best to keep you from succeeding. Always work hard and stay positive. Don't write to make money, write because you love the craft, it is more satisfying, I think.

Author George Wilder Jr.