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Welcome to 2017. What are your writing goals for 2017 and 2018?

March 25, 2017 New ebook of Essays available at www.amazon.com   'Do It For Yourself'


George Wilder Jr. is a resident of the State of Illinois. Mr. Wilder is currently on a online book tour.He has taught his brand of writing to those who crave the craft for years. He has been invited to schools, book clubs, and has taught writing in both fiction and nonfiction. He is also sought out for his professionalism when doing book reviews other authors. He is affiliated with authors of all genres. He attended Harold Washington College.He also attended Taylor Business College. He discovered his writing ability in grammar school. He refused to allow others to make little of his craft. Mr. Wilder has been praised for his willingness to help others with results. He is a storyteller. He is an eBook writer. His works includes his thoughts real and clear. Mr. Wilder is an true original. His writings ring loud and clear of some things in his own life and others whether fiction or nonfiction and many essays. He write stories that others can relate to and learn from. He is always searching for great stories about life's up and downs and its joys to tell and explore. He is proud of everything he has done and everything that he will do. His novels are crafted by him. His writings are fun, sometimes funny, and very insightful. George was first published in 1996, a small local newspaper called the Chicago Defender. He has also been published in the Chicago Sun-times and the Chicago Parent Magazine. His articles, books, ebooks, essays, poetry, and short stories have garnered rave reviews from friends, family, and readers of all ages. He is a writer that doesn't act like a writer, Mr. Wilder thinks of himself as just another writer sharing what he loves to do. He is a serious writer of fiction and nonfiction. Mr. Wilder has been called the poison pen. He also is a parent and a provider. Mr. Wilder is avid reader of all genres. He writes the kind of fiction and nonfiction that he himself would love to read, what he knows many readers will crave. In his spare time, Mr.Wilder likes fishing, playing golf, chess, dancing, walks by the lake, going to the gym, shopping, video games, and being a parent. "I think of myself as just an ordinary person in every aspect, however, I do not think I'm any different from any other writer. I'm always writing or thinking about writing something. I love taking my laptop over by the lake near the park and coming up with fresh ideas to write about, whether fiction or nonfiction. There is really is something about finding a nice place in the shade, with milk and cookies on hand, sitting down and looking up at the mild sun and the evening skies and saying, "now, I'm ready." I love writing and creating eBook titles, covers, and characters, it is something I will do until the end of time. George Wilder Jr. stays busy always with projects slated for 2014 and 2015. Have a great one! BECOME A FAN in 2014


 January 13, 2017 "I Love You To Death,' a short story,ebook, about two lovers learning the perils of over eating from Author George Wilder Jr.




Crying at the Moon

A Memoir

George Wilder Jr., is a Chicago writer who was born in the state of Mississippi. He has a teenage son, who he hopes one day will be an author too and will come to enjoy the world of writing just like his dad. This is a tantalizing look into the author’s life from beginning to the almost end. This a book of trials, tribulations, and triumphs as the ride through the author’s life gets even more intense. This is a passionate, emotional, and funny bare-your-soul and taking no prisoners’ memoir. Also the author gives us his views and opinions on just about everything and on any subject. Mr. Wilder’s and his ebook is a fresh read, a page grabber, and irresistible. Delve into the author’s life and insight as he saw it then and now and as he now shares it all with the readers of today.

Crying at the Moon is a memoir stunner of a life story. The reader will not be disappointed. 



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A note from George Wilder Jr. October 21, 2017

Hey, welcome to my home. There will always be plenty to here to talk about and lots of stuff  for all of us to learn. And we love to learn things that will make our lives a bit more easier. I'm all for that. This is a great looking website. I always do like a lot of color and a avid lover of animals. I want this site to be fun. I'm a writer and love to read and will be providing my take on the books that I read and the ones I write and publish. 

I will be providing my take on what is currently happening in the news, my life and news worthy projects, and books that I'm working. This will also be a site of entertainment and comments on any subject and just about everything there is. My job here is to keep you as a visitor or visitors entertained and informed and coming back. This is a very friendly website. There will always be something fresh and new here each day. By the word of mouth I hope this site will grow. I know that I will do my part to make it successful. When you come to this site, I hope you walk away having learned something that could affect you life in a positive way. All books are available from www.amazon.com  Join me on Facebook and Twitter  See you there!!

I love movies, especially writing. I always want to hear from  other writers and how they get through a day of writing. Each writer is different, no writer is the same. Most us are struggling, however that never stops any of us from doing what we love. What makes you keep writing? Do you dream of being a writer? Are yo published? Is marketing a pain? Are you a amazon kindle publisher? What advice would you give other writers?  I'm all about writers helping writers. 

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